A community art competition for primary school kids from around the world.


Have your drawing re-imagined by a renowned artist…

John Gallagher, aged 7
John Gallagher, 2018 (aged ???!)

This is an art competition like no other. For the first time ever, your drawing could be made into a real piece of artwork by a famous international artist.

We have some of the most well respected artists from all over the world like Kathrin Longhurst, Manil Gupta, Matthew Quick, Vincent Reid and Chen Ping.

The images above were produced by renowned film and comic artist, John Gallagher – who is one of the amazing artists on board – check out his profile and the other artists here.

And even better, if your drawing wins the Superhero category, he will create an image like this of your design!

Or, if you’re more of a budding interior designer, we could bring your vision to life like this:

Viola aged 9
Room design by Neoman


The competition is brought to you by Image Foundry. We’re a CGI studio….click here to have a look at our website. None of the buildings or rooms in the images on our website actually exist. We create them on computers from architect’s drawings and interior design briefs.

When the competition closes, YOU vote for the best pictures and our celebrity judges will pick a winner from each category….

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