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We would like to extend a special thanks to everyone who has helped create Planet Art and Wonky World:

Website Developer – Des Gregory for the help, expertise and time given to create our site.

Graphic Designer and Illustrator – Pete Kentfield for the Planet Art Artwork.

Graphic Designer and Illustrator – David Officer for allowing us to use his images as prize examples and for providing the final images for the Wonky World winners.

Illustrator – Matt Latchford for his work creating the Imagery for Wonky World.

Graphic Designer Elliott Hoyle for creating the design of the website and the social media templates.

Avaania Kapoor for her prize co-ordination, ongoing assistance with the website and community engagement support.

Lego for kindly supplying their kits as part of our prize.

Shoestoshare for providing the trainers, and Artist and Designer – Craig Black for all his contributions and support including creating the artwork for the shoe boxes.

All the judges and artists for their time and for becoming part of our global community.

International Administrator for the Middle East – Rachael Wilding (Head of Primary, Smart Vision School, Dubai) @rachwilddxb

The Royal Danish Ambassador to India, his Excellency Freddy Svane

…and finally Ada Latchford for her help and imagination creating the idea of Wonky World.

For more information on Image Foundry, a 3D Visualisation Studio, please visit our website:


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