Professional artwork

On Planet Art, the winner from each category will have their picture re-created into a piece of art by one of our famous artists. You will receive a signed print of the artwork and both your picture and their work will be displayed in our international art exhibition. For more details, click here

Designer trainers

Each winner will also receive a pair of designer trainers from Shoestoshare, which will be sent in personalised show boxes hand-painted by Craig Black, renowned Scottish designer and illustrator.

ShoesToShare are thrilled to be part of the Planet art initiative!

When Planet art co-founder Anand Kapoor first contacted us and explained what the project was all about, we knew straight away that we wanted to get involved. Times like these, as dark as they are, also provide the opportunity for people to provide some light, a positive alternative to a negative situation. We at ShoesToShare knew that Planet Art would be a glimmer of light and something that we couldn’t wait to get involved with.

ShoesToShare was founded with one goal in mind, to help under-resourced athletes around the world to put their best foot forward.  In our mind, anybody wanting to put on a pair of shoes and take part in sport is an athlete. Sport is a global community, one that everybody should have the opportunity to join, and the choice to take part in. In every corner of our world there are thousands of boys, girls, men and women who want to take part in sports. It is ShoesToShare’s vision, desire and ambition to make this a reality for as many people as possible.

For Planet Art, we wanted to come up with a way to express the goal of, “stimulating and exciting young minds, allowing them to feed their imagination, as well as share their unique perceptive on the world and escape the daily confines of their own front door”. This is where we welcome to the stage, Craig Black, an extremely talented Scottish-born graphic designer, lettering artist and typographer. Craig will be creating bespoke ShoesToShare shoe boxes that will each have a pair of shoes in as a prize for each fantastic winner in the Planet art competition. It is an honour for us to have a designer like Craig help to leave a creative mark on the beautifully creative Planet Art community.

Best of luck to all the Planet contributors, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!”


The runner up from each category will receive a Lego set

Art Equipment for your school

And the overall winner of all the categories will receive a set of art equipment for their school.

Wonky world

The winners of Wonky World will also receive professional version of their artwork by David Officer. You will also receive a t-shirt with your picture and his design on it and your work will be displayed in our international art exhibition.